The person, the problems, medications & interventions

Footbone connected to the leg bone.  

A person calls for an appointment with a problem.  Who are you treating, the person or the problem?  Too often the primary focus is the problem and yet, as the old song goes, "everything is connected".  When I agree to see a perspective patient for a problem, I try to evaluate the whole person.  In the spirit of that approach, I  have a group of people I can consult that include social workers, sports psychologists, academic tutors, dieticians, language pathologists, occupational therapists and other medical specialists.  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is an example of a medical condition that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  For example, in my research, eighty percent of all people with the ADD diagnose are organizationally impaired and motor/sensory delayed.  Fifty percent are sleep impaired.  Forty percent have development language delays.  Thirty percent have anxiety and/or depression.  Twenty-Five percent over the age of n…

Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to my new blog.

From time to time I will be posting my thoughts and notes related to various strategies for treatment of patients problems which I encounter in my practice.

Dr. Allan Foodman, MD